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Norde Source makes it easy to customize entire icon sets to fit your brand. Built for designers, developers, marketers and anyone who works with a lot of icons. Available for Mac, Windows and Linux!

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Free Features


Multi-color editing

Norde Source detects all the different colors in your icon set and lets you change a particular color once for the whole set.


Resize on the fly

Change the size of all your icons in one go. Select the size you need and export all the icons you want in one go.



Find the right icon quickly by using the search bar. Switch between sets and instantly apply your search there.


Drag & drop

Drag icons straight into your favorite design tool or to any folder on your system. It really couldn't be any easier!



Export one or multiple icons to SVG, PNG, JPG, WebP and Vue.js. React component coming soon!


Built-in store

Over 10,770 free icons at your fingertip. Select a set from the built-in store and easily download it into your library with the click of a button.

Pro Features


Dark mode

The most requested feature for Norde Source, ever, is finally here. Enjoy working in the dark all night long.


Change icon background color

Are you creating dark interfaces? Then this feature is a must. Change the icon background to a dark color to make it easier to modify icons to a light color.


Iconfont generation

Create iconfonts based on icons in your library.


Reset colors to original

Easily reset icon colors back to their original color.


Early access

Get early access to new features, before everyone else does.

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