SVG Icon manager and editor

Norde Source makes it easy to customize entire icon sets to fit your brand. Built for designers, developers, marketers and anyone who works with a lot of icons.

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Screenshot of the Norde Source application



Multi-color editing

Paintbrush icon

Norde Source detects all the different colors in your icon set and lets you change a particular color once for the whole set.


Resize on the fly

Resize icon

Change the size of all your icons in one go. Select the size you need and export all the icons you want in one go.



Images icon

Export one or multiple icons to SVG, PNG, JPG, WebP and Vue.js. React component coming soon!



Search icon

Find the right icon quickly by using the search bar.


Drag & drop

Hand icon

Drag icons straight into your favorite design tool or to any folder on your system.


Simple to use

icecream icon

We worked hard to keep things simple. Icons are exported using the color, size and features you already see in the app.

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